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Tips to ease the journey when traveling with portable medical devices needing
My case is mild and I feel fine, thank goodness, but the equipment was prescribed. "Think of the oxygen as medicine," my doctor said. Stop traveling? Maybe to the Alps and Rocky Mountains, but otherwise, no way. There's too much of the world to experience.
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3 Essential Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling
The new year is upon us, and that means it's time to tackle your travel bucket list. Destinations from South America to Western Europe to islands in the Indian Ocean await, but between you and the bliss of the Maldives is a long international flight …
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Traveling to National Championship game in Phoenix will be pricey
If you're a fan of Alabama football and plan on traveling to Arizona for the game, get your money ready because it won't be cheap. WAAY 31 spoke with Huntsville International Airport and they say the flights are selling out quickly and the fares will …
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